If you’re stuck in a rut in your own personal Bible Study or you long for God to use you in a fresh way this book “Pearls the Treasures of God’s Presence” is for you. Mimi capture’s the truth every woman seeks thru the Word in Proverbs. God wants us to have a healthy relationship with Him and other people. I love the chapter “reviews” that help to reinforce what I have learned. I think the “journal page” is equally important as it causes us to think about God's presence in our daily lives, and dive deep into our heart of hearts and feel the overflow of His love for us!

Most of us ache to be more like Jesus yet we feel helpless in the face of our human nature. Mimi walks us thru the Book of Proverbs and gently reminds us to look to God's Word to fulfill our every need. She reminds us to trust God to complete the work He started in each of us and to gently help us believe that He can make us a useful vessel. I especially cherish Proverbs 31:26 “she opened her mouth with wisdom and in her tongue is the law of kindness”.

I thank the Lord for my friend Mimi, who is always speaking truth, wisdom and the Word. Mimi is truly an anointed teacher and writer of the Word! I also respect the fact that Mimi penned her book after she faced conflicts of her own and used the book of Proverbs, and her life story to show how God really sees our hearts. Her brave honesty invites hurting hearts to dive deeply into the well of Christ’s irresistible pearls of wisdom, grace and love.


Pearls is a study of God's Word that has blessed me in a special way. It is written in a conversational style, just as if Mimi is talking with you, face to face. She shares real life examples of God's Word in action and how we may choose our attitude toward life~ seeking wisdom and blessing in right relationship with God through Jesus Christ, or going our own way and suffering the consequences. I have read Proverbs many times over the years, but this Pearls study has revealed even more treasures of which I was unaware. I highly recommend it for new believers, as well as those who have been reading their Bible a long time.

Tamera- Lyn

I found myself broken and battered, not only physically, but spiritually. I was in the midst of trying to recover from the trauma of an extremely abusive marriage. To my dismay I was in great despair, and I had lost my spiritual identity. Through much prayer God enabled me to walk away from the marriage. In God's love, mercy, and divine wisdom, He strategically placed Mimi Daniels in my life. She was able to minister to my broken spirit from her own battles won before the Lord. God used this Bible study to bring me out of a dark place and used His Word to breathe life into me. This Bible study brought to my remembrance things I had lost sight of, and deepened my walk with Him. He used this Bible study to break me out of crippling fear, and remind me what a Proverbs 31 woman looks like, and to resurrect the tenacious woman of God that I had once been. God used this study to give me clarity and a depth to my walk with God that I had never experienced before. This study helped to strengthen me as a parent and teach my children that God is ever faithful and He will bring us through any suffering and trouble.