My Story​​

Mimi Daniels is a mother of seven children, and grandmother of five. Mimi has been a Bible teacher for 35 years. She is the author of Pearls, The Treasures of God's Presence, and an inspirational speaker bringing hope to woman of all ages. Her life experiences are many and varied ranging from living in poverty and homelessness with her children, to living in opulent wealth. She experienced the loss of her mother by suicide when she was only age 17, after that traumatic event her life spiraled downward into troubled relationships and marriages resulting in physical beatings, poisoning, extreme emotional/psychological abuse, and even being stalked and surveilled by her ex-fiancee who was involved in the C.I.A. Her testimony of God's faithfulness, protection, forgiveness, and unconditional love brings hope to the hopeless. Mimi has learned that through faith in God and His promises, God can and will do the impossible in your life. Her testimony will show women how to move from being a victim to being a survivor, 

and then moving on to becoming a 

Victorious Overcomer! 

She is available as a speaker or teacher for women's groups, retreats, and workshops.